end any prayer requests or updates to Nena Close:

nena.close@gmail.com or call 541-419-6408


 Prayer & Praise List


• Nena’s cousin, in CA who is in the last stages of life. Pray for a peaceful passing and comfort for his wife Carlene.

• Irene C.  eye Surgery went well.

• Doug Renfro’s grandniece had tests at Doernbecher hospital. May be childhood MS, but more testing needs to be done. Pray that the family will get thru this difficult time.

• Lois Allen recovering from stroke at Christmas

• Grant Burkard, Lon’s dad, congestive heart failure

• Pastor Stan biopsy on thyroid is Negative! Praise God!

• Linn’s grandson Brian diagnosed with Leukemia, doing better.

• Margie and Mike Lofgren’s son Mike, age 33 with serious heart problems is doing better but not “out of the woods” yet.

Pray for wisdom for theLeaders of our country, local and state government

• Military personnel serving our country






Pray for those suffering from illness and depression.

Pray for those in need of jobs and financial help.

Pray for the families that have been affected by all the natural disasters around the world and those who are helping them.

Pray for all the military personnel stationed around the world defending freedom and their families

Pray for those military men & women who have been disabled while defending freedom.

Pray for the families of the men and women who have died defending freedom.  

Prayer & Praise for the outreach and leadership of Tumalo Community Church.  Church home groups and Bible study groups.






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