Luke and Lydia Valenti (with Open Air Campaigners Albania) are planting a church in Plasa, a village in Southeast Albania. Luke has been serving in Albania since 2009 and Lydia joined him after their wedding in 2014. Plasa is a Muslim village, though there are a growing number of believers in Christ. Many in the village struggle with poverty, drug and alcohol abuse, and are without purpose or hope. Luke and Lydia are working to help the villagers know that they are loved by God, and that they can have the hope and life that only Jesus Christ brings. They involved in building relationships and sharing Christ through Bible studies, church programs for youth and kids, sports programs, teaching English, and doing practical outreach in Plasa. The Valentis are both from Redmond, Oregon.


About Albania: Located on the Balkan peninsula in Eastern Europe, Albania is one of a few Muslim majority countries in Europe. From spending 500 years under the Ottoman Empire to declaring itself the first atheist nation as one of the most closed communist regimes in the 20th century, Albania has known oppression and darkness. In 1991, the country shook off communism and became a parliamentary republic. Many people went back to the religions held by their families prior to communism. Some are deeply religious, but many are believers in name only. The minority religions are the Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches. Corruption, materialism, and poverty are some of the deep problems that the people of Albania currently face.Notwithstanding, they are an incredibly hospitable, warm people who love to have fun. Albania is a mountainous country, with spectacular natural scenery. 


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